2017  Art Shopping 2017,Centre Expo Congres,Cannes,France

2017  Buisness art fair Paris 2017,Espace de Nesle ,Paris,France

2017 “Night”,Formosa Art Show 2017,Taipei,Taiwan

2017  Art Olympia 2017,Toshima Center Square,Tokyo,Japan

2016 “Building Portraits and the x-y-z axis”,ART KAOHSIUNG 2016,Kaohsiung,Taiwan

2016   ART KAOHSIUNG Preview,Meet Art Space,Taipei,Taiwan

2016 “Rain at night”,CITIZEN ART SHANGHAI,Shanghai,China

2016 “Building Portraits and the x-y-z axis”,fotofever art fair 2016,Carrousel du Louvre, Paris,France

2014 “Temporal equation”,Floor 8 Contemporary Art Space,Taipei,Taiwan

2014  Edge Humanities Space,Kaohsiung,Taiwan

2010  GEISAI Taiwan 2 Art Festival, Huashan 1914,Taipei,Taiwan

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen attending my exhibition. 2018

50272817_2611484775533937_5439853561041125376_o 拷貝.jpg

Mayor of Taipei Ko wen-je attending my exhibition. 2018


Ms. Wu, one of a member of Senate in Taiwan attending my exhibition.2018

1 拷貝.jpg

A performing artist Mr. Huang and me.2014

A chairman of art services corporation, Mr Liu, attending the exhibition.2014

Collector of mine, Mr. and Mrs. Huang.2014

Several collectors and me.2014


The president of Kaohsiung Medical University attending the exhibition.2014

Mr. Chao, one of a member of Senate in Taiwan attending my exhibition.2014

Mrs. Lee, Member of council in Kaohsiung city, attending my exhibition.2014